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Piano And Singing Lessons

Now accepting students in 2023!

Piano and voice instructor Linda Giffin has taught students of all ages, at all levels from beginning to advanced.

Piano And Singing Lessons


I have been taking my 7 year old granddaughter to piano and voice lessons for the past two years with Linda. Every week my granddaughter looks forward to her lessons. It is definitely one of the highlights of her week and mine too -- just seeing her so excited to go to the lesson and then work with Linda is truly wonderful. Linda makes it fun while learning (my granddaughter loves all the stickers she has collected for all her accomplishments throughout each lesson)
My granddaughter has learned so much which was shown when Linda recently hosted a recital for the family - everyone had a great time and at the conclusion of the recital Linda presented my granddaughter with a super cool trophy that she cherishes. One thing that I noticed, is that me bringing my granddaughter rather than her parents is that she does not hold back (sometimes she will be shy when performing knowing her parents were there) I really appreciate Linda's punctuality - she always starts on time and ends on time - she is very respectful of each student’s lesson time. She teaches with no interruptions, dedicating the entire time to her students. Thank you Linda!

- Ron L

I am an adult student of Linda's that has sung, but always wanted to accompany myself on piano. Linda has taught me more in these last few years than any music teacher I've had. As I had classical instructors in the past, it would take me months to learn one song. Linda showed me the chord method which I never knew about and I'm able to now accompany myself on piano while singing and I can learn new songs in days now instead of months. Our time together is always professional and she gives her students her full and complete attention. She truly enjoys what she does and it shows in the way I've been able to learn and grow in my music practice.

- Julie

There is so much good to be said about having Linda as your vocal instructor. Where do I start?

I have been going to Linda once a week for a little over 3 months thus far, and the improvement I have been seeing all thanks to her has been incredible. For a little over a year before finding her, I was doing various vocal exercises I had found on Spotify or a webinar I had purchased that helped grow my voice, but Linda was very easily able to identify what fundamental components I was lacking to TRULY make it grow in the ways I was looking for.

Linda taught me the essentials of sight singing and ear training that I have never been able to find elsewhere, and wouldn’t be able to do without her guidance. Almost every single lesson week to week, something new clicks with me and I am seeing noticeable improvement (given I practice at home at least a few nights each the week). I cannot emphasize enough on how important what Linda has been teaching me is. My pitch accuracy has been progressing at such a noticeable rate and I am becoming more and more equipped to sing on-pitch when singing a-cappella, and even alongside tracks whether that is a song or vocal exercise online. I run into some bumpy patches when learning new ear training exercises and tricks, but once they click with me they REALLY click and the improvements I notice are incredibly exciting and keeps me very eager in going to my next lesson with her.

Beyond Linda being keen on teaching me exactly what it is I need to truly improve my singing, she is incredibly attentive to her students and is very personable. She is an absolute pleasure to talk with whether it‘s directly about what she teaches, or literally anything else in life. I believe another reviewer says she is like a second mother which I would say is very accurate. Linda is very much an abstract thinker like I am and we are constantly talking about the depths of the psychology behind singing and sharing anecdotes as to why certain aspects are the way they are, which really resonates with me and helps me make sense of it all at deeper levels that you will rarely find anywhere else unless you have a great one-on-one instructor like her.

All in all, I am very blessed to have found Linda as my vocal instructor and can’t imagine finding anyone else that suites my needs in the ways that she does.

- Dan

I took lessons with Linda for 16 years, from when I was 6 years old, to when I was 22 years old. I got to know her so well, it almost felt like she was a second mother to me. Not only that, but it seemed like she could understand a lot of my feelings when I was upset, and she and my mother, who passed away a few years ago, had a very good relationship as well. Those 16 years of my life will be something I will never forget. I haven't taken lessons since 2007 but she still remains a great friend of mine and I still keep in touch with her. If any of my friends are thinking about signing their kids up for piano lessons, I would recommend that they go to Linda. Really, she's that good.

- Geoffrey

Excellent Piano lessons.
Reasonable rates.
Annual recital and awards ceremony scheduled around August.
Flexible timings.

- Ramy